Each initiate is asked to hold their most significant Holy Bone memory at the end of their journey.  An expression held in high resolution by a professional photographer, John Lehman. Click to download!


Thanks for a beautiful Holy Bone! A great success, selling out the final two weekends. Nice to see so many blissed-out faces. 

And a very special thanks to Trinity Groves, Butch McGreggor, Tacos Mariachi! So nice to have so many friends.

Holy Bone is a warning or maybe a prophecy. Beware, Dallas: things may not always be what they seem. Pay attention.

D Magazine

The DWZ show which succeeded in truly marrying spirituality and performance for a western audience. 

Arts and Culture

photos: John Lehman,  Rembisz

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Trying to explain Dead White Zombies is no easy task: the local avant-garde theater troupe isn’t just avant-garde: they’re wild. They aren’t just a “theater” troupe — they exist in site-specific installations. And, well, they aren’t strictly about acting, either: they perform, they create, they move, they make music, and they challenge everything you think you know about the arts. 

Dallas Observer

There are no comfy seats, glossy playbills or curtain calls. They’ve long jettisoned those theatrical touchstones. Though there are scenic elements, they occur in concert with their environment like art installations taking advantage of the buildings, the neighborhood and even the time of day. The dusk night sky lends itself to stunning visuals of downtown in particular. The immersive environments allow for more varied sensory input than traditional theatre. Soundscapes are employed in many of the locations with an emphasis on blurring boundaries of the noise of the environs be they physical or mental. In one stunningly vast room, the quiet was engulfing on the night I walked through. In another, the source of sound was moved around the audience instead. There are locations that traffic in olfactory overload like incense. Sprinkled along the way are interactive moments from the tactile to taste (homebrew Ginger Ale, Anyone?). Be ready for anything. You’ll need more than sensible shoes for this journey.

David Novinski, Theatre Jones