We are the Holy Bone


Holy Bone is an immersion performance that will develop organically and co-creatively with the city and people of Dallas beginning December 2016.

 There is still magic and mystery in the world that asks us now to pay closer attention. Suddenly you start to wonder whether every stranger you bump into you on the street was accidental. Were those overheard words, an emotion expressed, placed there for you to look in a particular direction, recall a pleasant or unpleasant thought, a feeling?

The goal of Holy Bone is to nudge and provoke another way of being with our city. Holy Bone wants to interweave with the fabric of an ordinary day to inspire another way of seeing ourselves, our neighbors, and our surroundings.

 We all go about our way in our regular world while conducting our daily business, but are we becoming victims of routine, mechanical components in a world demanding timed efficiency? Where are the spontaneous and unexpected flashes of insight? Has our way of being become so controlled and predictable? We are overwhelmed with information, world events, and surrounded by franchises of corporate and political America, all of it pulling us into a passivity or rigidity. Holy Bone wants the public to pay closer attention to the every day where anything can suddenly happen and become ripe with meaning and insight.

Fourteen performers, Boners, each called for their own reasons to the Holy Bone will serve as Narrative weavers. Performances will unfold in several phases. The Phase 1 (beginning December 1, 2016) of performances will be presented, announced and unannounced, multiple times in a wide variety of unexpected everyday public venues throughout the city. The underlying theme of these “Bones” of Phase 1 will be “Something is Happening.” One, two and three person Bones will materialize, appearing and disappear like the wind, bringing with them a stirring of awareness and questions. Bystanders will not be certain if what they are seeing is a performance and at times be uncertain if they are part of the performance itself. We are now all performers in an emerging reality in flux.

Given audience reactions and insights, the Bones will be adjusted, and new Bones evolved. Concurrent will be the appearance of videos, symbolic markings, and artifacts, revelations materialized from the Holy Bone consciousness will appear and disappear throughout the performance period. Phase 2, “How do we Live?” will evolve during the spring of 2017. As the Holy Bone develops, community members will be able to participate and contribute to the performance.

Holy Bone is conceived, written, and directed by Thomas Riccio. The Boners: include Jennifer Culver, Wesley Ferguson, Abel Flores, Stephen Gardner, Shelby Hibbs, Hilly Holsonback, Adnan Naseem Khan, Becki McDonald, Chris Piper, Charles Ray Ratcliff, Bailee Rayle, Alia Tavakolian, Hannah Weir, and Alexandra "Allie" Werle. Production support by, Alisa Eykillis, Scot Gresham-Lancaster, Mona Kasra, Adnan Naseem Khan, Luke Lafitte, and Vincent Martin.

Gangs of violence are showing alternative answers to any question now. Artists must take over the entire answer in response to the automatic junk state.