Today's nerves surround us. Now, a response. The Boners. Going where others have feared to go. Called to the Holy Bone, shaking the spaces of reality, devoted to the mission to reconfigure, reimagine, and reboot reality. 

Theirs is an ancient calling for they are the Bones of an ancient body are gathering to make a new body. They are the Boners.

These are the few, the first that have been called to open the portal to another consciousness. Heroes crossing a frontier, performing the rites to lead us all to dry air.

They are vibrating creatures, the sacred, sacrificing Boners of the Holy Bone. 

A soft persuasive voice tickles their ears, indeed, sweet nothings, words, sounds, images flowered, recorded by of pain of consciousness for you. 

Yes, the human nervous environment system can be reprogrammed. But be warned, if you proceed, choose to be a participant, you may develop a headache, feel depressed, anxious, or tense when subject to experimental verification. 

The reward? The Garden of Delights in a sudden flash of silver glory! Earth, water, stones, and trees will pour into you and spurt out broken pictures.