I see softly ghost figures move, empty crumpled rag bodies through glass, metal, meaningless streets swept by time storms.

I have dirty little fingers.

It seems like we are in a slow motion genocide. My brain feels like all the connections are burnt out!

I have this picture of Radha. Do you know who she is? She is a consort of Krishna and devotes herself entirely and passionately to him. She is the model of love for many Hindus. She’s all about amazingly ecstatic and blissful union.

The entire planet has developed a lethal identity of complete surrender.

The old America is not coming back.

I can feel strangers.


I need to know what you're thinking, you need to know what I'm thinking. Let's come together.

  • Kei to Agent Zay6:04

The entire planet is unconditionally flappinghysterical with panic.

  • Kei to Vig Bone15:52

Our love should unfold at a natural pace. Let the unfolding be gradual. I am crazy about you.

  • Kei to Vig Bone 124:09