Maybe we all have some kind of purpose. Something is gong to happen very soon.

Does this have anything to do with what you are feeling?


Are you all right? They said that? The voice? What else did it say? Can you ask the voices questions? You're scaring me.

There are forces that cannot be trusted, that say one thing yet embody another. They don't know why, their bodies are polluted with a virus they call living life!

‚ÄčI don't quite understand it. We're the virus. We're the ones that can't be trusted. We're the force that says one thing and embodies another. And we call this living life.

Something in you has been triggered. But are you afraid to die?

Yes, the Ghost Writer in the sky, this is what I suspected. You are freaking me out!

I get strange images, too. Maybe it could be connected to these feeling we're feeling together somehow.

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