1. What do you think of yourself?
  2. The first word that comes up is fake. I'm being honest that's the first word that comes up.

If you go through it you’ll be able to take it, make the best of it. Just be quiet and pretend everything is normal.

I am in a flicker sex torture film on an alien planet that was once ours.

No, it's unlike anything that has ever been seen of happened before. 

The dead was named George Mason, and he thanked Yurb in his suicide video.  


I'll explain. Some of it, at least. I know quite a bit already. Much more than I want to think I know. And I know that the less trouble I make the better chance I have of getting out of here alive. Things are falling into place. Why don't you two look around? Things ain’t your mama’s big modern kitchen aide kitchen no more. One day soon I’m going to drive a luxury sedan to the Big Dipper. I’m just waiting for my big moment. 

I know you're out there. Let me out of here, please!

Our cities are ovens that screams of millions who have lives! They scream at the white-hot blue sky in pain everyday!

It was a suicide and all he left were the neatly hung cloths of a little boy.

  • Wam to Que 11:51

No more Kitchen Aide Kitchens for me! 

I want to vibe with anything positive now.

You have no right to keep me here! Let me out of here! You can hear me! I know you're there!

  • Wam's call to the CIA0:36

He hung himself in the vaulted ceiling living room of his condo in Frisco, Texas.