Focused Vector Points are emerging.

  • Voices from out there somewhere4:04

I thought it was in Iowa. Des Moines? What is about Iowa? Is that where the portal to the other reality is?

Old Black and White movies ramble in my head. 

I have auditory hallucinations.

When I was still a human entity, I got to thinking, so I dropped my head into my hands. Suddenly I saw myself in the same position, sitting against some kind of rock wall, maybe in a cave or something, petroglyphs. Fire pits and dancing circles all around. I had this feeling like I didn't know what to do. Just a flash of silver light, like a quick image, then it was gone. That was the first Flip.

We had a house in the country near a lake. Bye bye broken dream and dreamers of the sick lies. 

  • Zun Hears the Blue Woman4:05

Whatever I'm supposed to do, I’ll do. I'm looking for something, somewhere, somehow it has to be out there. Yes! This conversation happened before.  

The good ole days. We were happy. Yes, we were.

What about those Gothic Cathedrals?

  • Zun to Tan 5:20


  • Zun to Rem4:37